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Resilience Productions has written and performed several pieces of powerful theatre over the last few years, each exploring the history and struggles of African Americans in Indiana. Elizabeth: A Woman of Color, Sentences: From the Pen to the Page, Stories of Monroe, and Resilience: Indiana’s Untold Story all use a combination of spoken word, poetry, and song to create unique theatrical experiences and to explore the themes of freedom, mass incarceration, and resilience in Indiana’s 200-year history.

Writing The Wrongs {2023}

A Soulful Thanksgiving {2021}

Gather ’round the table to hear the stories behind the food that brings us together. A Q&A session with “A Sample of Soul” prepared by Elizabeth Mitchell and Gladys DeVane.

Elizabeth A Woman of Color { 2020 }

Elizabeth: A Woman of Color depicts a precedent-setting court case in Indiana’s history where an indentured servant petitioned the court for her freedom and won. In this one-woman piece, Gladys Devane (the author) plays the character of Elizabeth as well as up to 6 other characters.

Sentences: From the Pen to the Page { 2019 }

Based on the writings of inmate Philip Stroud and writer/activist Glenda Breeden, Sentences explores the effects of mass incarceration and the trauma of the death penalty. Brought to life through a mixed media performance of spoken word, poetry, and song.

Stories of Monroe { 2018 }

Stories of Monroe, performed in 2018, was a follow-up to Resilience; Indiana’s Untold Story. This original piece tackles the struggles and stories of African Americans in Monroe County along with their white counterparts.

Resilience: Indiana’s Untold Story { 2016 }

Written to commemorate Indiana’s Bicentennial, this original play premiered in October 2016. Inspired by historical events, these stories of tragedy and triumph chronicle African Americans’ journey throughout Indiana’s 200-year history. Traditional storytelling along with spoken word and song were combined to create unforgettable textures and a unique theatrical experience.