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Resilience Productions is a theatre company created by Danielle Bruce, Gladys DeVane, and Elizabeth Mitchell; Three women who believe in the power of storytelling.

Their mission is to enlighten and engage the public regarding the many untold stories of African Americans throughout the state of Indiana. Their objectives range from simply raising an awareness to unabashedly celebrating the countless contributions African Americans and other minorities have made throughout Indiana’s 200-plus year history. 

Together, they research, write, and produce live, multimedia performances inspired by actual historical people and events. Despite the fact that their productions are ultimately classified as works of fiction by the time they take the stage, they (the productions) are rooted in history, thoroughly researched, and they tackle some of Indiana’s most injurious historical happenings.  

Elizabeth Mitchell –  Historian, Researcher, Public Relations
Gladys DeVane – Storytelling, Actor, & Writer
Danielle Bruce – Director, Designer, & Dramaturg

RESILIENCE PRODUCTIONS strives to produce plays that focus on evocative storytelling, compelling performances, and creative staging to educate and entertain their audiences.

Since its inception in 2015,  RESILIENCE PRODUCTIONS has researched, written, and brought to the stage:

  • Two original, full-length plays
  • Multiple one-acts and singular story pieces
  • Created the REMARKABLE WOMEN series, a Biannual Series honoring the contributions of exceptional women throughout Indiana and the region. 
  • Performed twice at Pendleton Correctional Facility (a maximum-security facility for men)

Resilience Productions have collaborated with The Monroe County History Center; the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington; the Second Baptist Church; the Bethel AME; as well as IU Health and Cook Medical. 

They are proud to say that in the last six years, they have employed over 55 African Americans or ethnic minorities in their productions. They also support local talent, and they will continue to mount productions that create opportunities for Bloomington and the surrounding counties’ artists, theater technicians, and craftspeople. 

While they work collaboratively as a team, each team member has her own individual strengths and talents.